Home mover

Home mover

Moving?   Come and talk, let us get to know you and exactly what you want to achieve.  As we move through the various stages of our lives, different needs cause us to upsize or downsize, maybe we want a bigger or smaller garden, or to live in a rural idyll or urban excitement.  What is it you want?

Instead of jumping straight on to Rightmove, if you are thinking about moving, come to the Mortgage Yard and talk to us. We can share our knowledge about options for deposit, borrowing and purchase price. If you’re not quite where you need to be, we can plan a way to get you there.

Once you start viewing properties you will find when you make an offer, it reassures estate agents to know that you are working with us on affordability

Rob Tennant - Mortgage Yard


Let’s have a chat! As there’s no obligation or initial cost what do you have to lose and think what you may gain!?

With a few basic details we can quickly provide you with a good idea of what you can borrow and how much you could use as a deposit. We can produce an “agreement in principle” which gives you, and any estate agents a degree of assurance on what you may be able to borrow.

When you do get an offer accepted, we will source a wide range of lenders for the best value deal which suits your circumstances. We’ll process the application and liaise with the lender to get you an offer as quickly as possible.

Throughout we will be at the end of the phone with advice and guidance until you finally move into your new home.


How much can you borrow?

How much deposit do you need?

Be prepared so when you see the perfect house, you’re ready to offer

Have you considered Share Ownership schemes?

Searching the market for best value can save you a lot of money

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate some forms of mortgages